HMS Belfast C35

HMS Belfast One of 2 Edinburgh subclass of Town class cruisers built by the Royal Navy between 1934-1936. The Edinburgh class differed from the standard Town class in overall length, 614ft instead of 592ft. This was to allow the fitting of four quad 6 inch turrets but this was never taken further due to technicalContinue reading “HMS Belfast C35”

HMS Hood

HMS Hood “With Favourable Winds” One of four Admiral class battlecruisers ordered by the Royal Navy in 1916. Her design was altered and improved due to lessons learnt after the naval battle at Jutland and these were easily built into Hood as she was in the early stages of being built. Other limitations with theContinue reading “HMS Hood”

The Wavy Navy

Ever wonder when watching a World War 2 films involving the Royal Navy a lot of the officer are wearing “Wavy” Rank lace? During the war there was a shortage of regular Naval officers for wartime service, there were several reservist force including the RNR and the RNVR. Royal Naval Volunteer reserve or “Wavy Navy”Continue reading “The Wavy Navy”

HMS Cavalier

HMS Cavalier (R73) Laid down- 1943 Launched- 1944 Commissioned- 1944 Displacement- 2,520 tons fully loaded Length – 363 feet Beam – 35.75ft Draught – 14.5ft fully loaded Speed- 37 knots Range- 1,400 nautical miles at 32 knots Armament: 3x Quick firing 4.5 inch guns 2x 40mm Bofors guns 4x Anti aircraft guns single mounted 40mmContinue reading “HMS Cavalier”